About Us And The Chef

Executive Chef Vincenzo Esposito

Born in Bagnaia province of Viterbo, north-east of Rome, Italy border-line of Tuscany.

Influenced by his Napolitano father and grandmother and a Roman mother and grandmother, with love Passion in the arts of cooking while growing up in the northern region of Italy where he graduated with a culinary degree from “La Scuola Instituto del Cuoco” Alessandria, Italy

He came to the United State in 1969,  he quickly began working in the family food business, being the 3rd generations in the food industry,  which was a distinguished family owned and operated the business in Newark which was established in 1908.
Having served a key role in the success of the area’s top family Italian deli, meat market, pizzeria and Restaurant through award-winning recipes, effective marketing, solid business management, and hiring and training key employees, self learned English, Spanish and with over 40 years of proven experience driving revenue generation and profitability, have successfully managed and led multimillion-dollar catering companies and restaurants in several areas in New Jersey.

“Esposito’s Executive Food & Restaurant Consulting Services and Solutions”

 A distinguished choice among the food industry with three generations of excellence and commitment.

We specialize in personalize services, diversified Italian cuisine and uncompromising quality and commitment, which are some of the distinguishing features that contribute to our success. What separates us from all others is that we do our work with PASSION, PRIDE, and PROFESSIONALISM.  

We believe this is the only way to do business

The Old Fashion Way! 

Over the years, we have serviced and catered to the needs of many customers, clients, and food establishments, shown proven results with our expertise and hands-on approach. We have cooked and served affairs, from romantic dinner for 2, to 1000 people’s wedding dinner and catered a 5000 people’s graduation ceremony. We have trained and teach with skills and development. We helped small and medium size business owners maximize profits while streamlining costs. Trained and teaches workers to maximize their abilities in the food industry.

Therefore, we bring to you our commitment to excellence from all of us to your need of affairs, with a service of distinction!

Chef Vincenzo


  • Executive chef, director, administrator, manager, supervisor, trainer, consultant and teacher.
  • Front and back of the house administrator, trainer and troubleshooter.
  • Experience in ala cart and high volume banquet: in purchasing, preparation, cooking, and distribution.
  • Culinary science in creating new recipes, cookbook author, experienced in food arts, photography and design.
  • Extensive experience as a protein specialist in all expects of meats and 3rdgeneration professional meat cuter.
  • Creative in marketing, sales, customer services and party planning, menu engineering, development and analysis.
  • Excellent booking keeping, accounting, and computer skills and mechanically inclined with all food machinery.


  • Mechanics and Engineering, Trade School, Novi Ligure, Alessandria, Italy 1965
  • Certified Chef with culinary degree from “La Scuola Instituto di Cuoco” Alessandria, Torino, Italy. 1968
  • Associate Degree in Theology, Sociology and Human Behavior, certified Sunday school teacher “Logos Bible Seminary, San Diego, California and licensed Preacher with C.C.N.A.” (Christian Church of North America) 1978
  • Certification in Business Management and Supervision with “American Management Association” New York, NY 12/1999
  • Certified Food Handler NJ Dept. Board of Health and CNS/Food Safe 2004
  • Certified Professional Food Manager ANSI (National/Florida) 10/2009
  • Certified Marketing Associate, Trainer and Teacher SYSCO Food Services Metro NY, LLC 2004